• Its Casualty time!

    Holly is back on our screens this week!!

    Saturday 25th Jan will see Holly in a harrowing two parter, directed by Graeme Harper, playing Gina, finishing up on Saturday 1st Feb

    Tune into BBC 1, Casualty.

    All the bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers get in touch #bbccasualty @bbccasualty and @hollymatthews

    Lots of RT's, lots of support.

    Holly sends her love to all those that have already started promoting her episodes for her and can't wait to watch the show on Sat.


  • BBC Casualty

    Holly can reveal she will be appearing on BBC Casualty on Saturday 25th Jan and Saturday 1st Feb.

    She is looking to promote these episodes and is happy to do interviews with bloggers, journalists, radio hosts etc.

    She would like a team of Casualty/TV fans who will Tweet, FB, Instagram, Youtube, vine, Blog, Vlog for her get in touch if you want to help.


  • Happy New Year

    Holly would like to say Happy New Year to all her fans, followers, supporters, people she has worked with and her family! 

    Check out her round up of the year on Twitter @hollymatthews or Instagram @hollymatthews84

  • Holly on BBC Radio 4 extra

    Tune into BBC Radio 4 Extra this week to catch Holly playing Becky in Trueman and Riley (Home truths)

    The episode will be repeated throughout the week.

    Remember to tweet Holly your thoughts @hollymatthews

  • Holly's film wins award!

    A film Holly shot this year, Stew and Punch has just won the Exground best international short in Germany.

    This was a jury prize and the film has created quite a stir.

    Director Simon Ellis is known for his creativity and class when it comes to his direction and Holly loved working with him on this project.

    You cannot yet watch the film online but check out for any updates on screenings.

  • Holly has new representation!

    Holly is excited to announce she has new representation and has joined London talent agency, Global Artists.

    She will now be represented by Jess Jones and after a wonderful meeting this week, is ready to take over your TV and film screens!

    For meetings with Holly, fan mail, press and PR opportunities:


    Jessica Jones

    Global Artists

    23 Haymarket


    SW1Y 4DG

    Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7839 4888

    Fax: 00 44 (0)20 7839 4555

    Mobile: 00 44 (0)7955139670




    Twitter: @agentjessjones


  • VIP Pregnancy


    Check out a wonderful interview with Holly for VIP pregnancy. This blog is written by Veena V, a presenter, Mum and savvy female!



    Tweet Holly your thoughts @hollymatthews

  • Vendetta


    Holly would like to say a huge well done to her friend and director Stephen Reynolds!

    Holly had the privellage of attending a screening of his first feature film, Vendetta (starring Danny Dyer) this week and was super impressed.

    Holly said the film looked like is was made on a much bigger budget than the tiny £100,000 it was made on. Danny Dyer's performance was great and she was kept on the edge of her seat throughout.

    Stephen announced the making of Vendetta 2, at the screening and Holly admits she would certainly like to be part of this project.

    We looking forward to hearing it's progress.

    Keep updated with all things Vendetta via Twitter @vendettafilm and make sure you buy the DVD on the 23rd December. It will make a great last minute stocking filler!


  • Be Real Talks

    Holly is pleased to announce she will be doing a talk at the Be Real Talks event next June. 

    Last years event was sold out and huge success, with a host of celebrities and experts there. 

    The event is meant to be a 'fun event, with a powerful message!'

    'Be Real Talks will inspire and entertain you while lifting your spirits.

    No fluffy speeches, no preaching presenters - simply a brilliant line up of entertainers, comedians, stylists, artists, psychologists who will enlighten and empower you to make positive changes in your lives. Be Real Talks will donate a percentage of ticket sales to relevant charities and to support good causes.'


    Check out for all the info and to buy tickets for the event!


    Be inspired and develop self confidence.


  • Chicco 2014 product launch

    Holly attended the Chicco 2014 product launch event at The Deck, National Theatre, London yesterday with her two girls, Brooke and Texas. 

    She was treated to some lovely products and says she loves the Pocket snack seats they have and their car seats. 

    Check out her blog post on the day and her pics on Instagram. 

    Holly would like to say a big thaks you to the PR team HRCO who invited her, Sarah, Hazel and Julia at Chicco marketing.


  • The Baby Show

    Who's going to The Baby Show in London on Friday 25th October?

    If you are, pop on over to stand F28 and have a chat with Holly.

    She will be there as a guest of Mama Baby Bliss and signing two of their new products (which she has been involved in!)

    Follow them and Holly on Twitter for more updates of this BIG REVEAL!



  • Chicco event and The Baby show

    Holly is an active Mum and this motnh she will be attending to high profile baby events.

    Holly will be attending the baby brand Chicco's official product launch next week, in central London, with her tiny kids in tow.

    The same week she will be attending The Baby Show in London, curtesy of Mama Baby Bliss and Inspire me Media. Holly will be signing copies of Mama Baby Bliss' pregnancy yoga/Mum and Baby Yoga CD's (she appears in the book alongside it, with her baby Texas) and chatting to Mums/Dad's at the show.

    If you are attending, make sure to head over to the Mama Baby Bliss stand and come and say hi!

  • BBC Casualty

    Holly is back on BBC Casualty and playing the part of Gina.

    She has just finished a substantial amount of filming in Cardiff and her episodes will be on our screens in Jan next year.

    From her tweets, they seem to have been pretty emotional, so we look forward to tuning in and seeing what happens to Gina.

    She would like to say a huge thank you to the cast and crew she worked with, with special mention to the director Graeme Harper.

    Holly says Graeme "is a wondeful director and brilliant person. He is warm and positive. On set he is passionate about what he does and this enthusiasm rubs off on all that work with him. This was a difficult storyline that he didnt shy away from, but equally made sure  the cast were prepared for it. A true joy to work with a director, I havent worked with since i was in Byker grove. I feel very, very lucky."

    Sounds good to us.

    Check Holly's instagram for lots more photos.


  • Sassy Bloom

    Holly would like to thank Sassy Bloom for her's and Texas's gifts. She was sent a lovely box of goodies tailored to Texas's age and development ready for the launch of their website.

    Check them out


  • Holly's You Tube Channel

    Have you subscribed to Holly's channel on You Tube yet? If not, do it! 

    She has uploaded lots of video blogs about everything from acting, motherhood, eyebrows and most recently being a geek.

    Get watching them and comment.


  • The Friday Fund

    Holly is pleased to announce she will be playing the role of Sam in The Friday Fund alongside a host of Nottingham acting talent.

    Once again Holly will be directed by Adam Batchelor, who directed Holly in award winning short, Small Hours.

    She starts filming in the next few weeks.



  • Tin Holiday

    Holly would like to say a huge thank you to Joe and Ajay for her role on tin Holiday. She thoroughly enjoyed the part of Portman and can't wait to see the finished film.

    Follow them on Twitter @tinholiday

  • Mama Baby Bliss

    Holly's very excited to announce she will be doing her second photoshoot with Mama Baby Bliss this month and her newest addition Texas will be part of the shoot too.

    This is Texas's second shoot with Mummy Holly after first appearing in her shoot with Bibbee Dresses. Bibbee Dresses appeared on This Morning this week and Holly tweeted her congratulations.

  • Tin Holiday

    Holly starts shooting on the feature Tin Holiday movie this week, playing the role of Portman in this exciting action comedy!

    Directed by LA director Joe Camereno 

    @tinholiday on Twitter


  • The Daily Mail

    Check out The daily Mail tomorrow, where Holly gets a mention.

    Holly was lucky enought to be given the newest in mummy-baby fitness, Bababoogie Fitness.

    Bababoogie is a fitness DVD aimed at busy Mum's who want to play and interact with their babies as they get fit. It is fronted by kids TV presenter Sarah Jane Honeywell and Holly says she has loved trying it.



  • The Baby Show

    Holly would like to say a massive thanks to Inspire me Media, Tommee Tippee, Mama Baby Bliss, and Lucy Heather who organised for her to attend The Baby Show this weekend and treated her to some wonderful gifts.

    Holly attended the show with her newest arrival Texas and 2 year old daughter Brooke. They had a wonderful time and spent way more than they should have!

    Luckily Ewan the sheep was on hand (reccomended by the wonderful Jo Tantum-the baby sleep expert) to tempt Brooke into a day nap, so Mummy could have a break between the chaos that is toddlers!

    Holly tweeted some pics of the show @hollymatthews

  • Kevin Healey's autism awareness campaign

    Holly can be seen on over 5000 screens across the UK, reaching 20 million people, over the next few weeks, helping to promote an anti-autism bullying campaign started by Kevin Healey.

    Holly's husband was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome a few years back, so Holly is passionate about the campaign and what it is trying to do.

    Please take the time to sign kevin's petition:



  • New SHOWREEL 2013

    Check out Holly's newest showreel on her 'WATCH ME' section to the left of this, put together by the very talented Mighty Reels.

  • Annie Othen show-BBC

    Listen to Holly on BBC Iplayer (about 8 minutes in) chatting to Annie Othen about her pregnancy complications.


  • BBC radio

    Catch Holly on BBC Cov & Wark Tuesday 30th April 10am, she will be chatting about her difficult pregnancy, health and lots more.


    Tweet @hollymatthews

  • Anti autism bullying campaign

    Holly is currently supporting Kevin Healey's anti-autism bullying campaign alongside Ricky Gervais, Melanie Sykes, Alex Reid and various other celebrities.

    A nationwide poster campaign is being put together as we speak, expect to see the campaign on billboards near you soon!

  • Social Media

    Heres an update on all Holly's social media accounts:


    Twitter: @hollymatthews

    Instagram: hollymatthews84

    Vine: Hollymatthews

    Keek: Hollymatthews

    Tumblr: link on here

    Pinterest: hollymatthews0

    Get in touch and get following!

  • Bibee dresses new lookbook

    Check out Bibee dresses new lookbook with pics of holly and her new baby Texas.

  • Bibee dresses

    Holly will be doing a photoshoot for Bibee dresses at the end of this month. Bibee dresses do dresses for maternity, breastfeeding and beyond and have already gained lots of press coverage.

    Holly is currently breastfeeding and very excited to be working with such a wonderful brand.

    To see their products go to

    @bibeedresses on Twitter

    @hollymatthews on Twitter for all updates Holly related.

  • Baby Texas

    A huge congrats to Holly on the arrival of her second baby girl Texas Blair. Texas was born naturally on the 24th feb, weighing 6llb 1oz. 

    Holly and her family are thrilled to have her home.



  • Way To Go BBC3

    If you missed Holly on BBC3 comedy Way To Go, check it out on BBC Iplayer.

    She's only in the first scene but its a very different role to we are used to her playing!


  • Big Heart Awards

    Holly attended Mother and Baby magazine's annual Big Heart Awards this week at The Hilton, Park Lane. Holly tells us the winners stories were amazing and she had a wonderful time.

    She was invited there by Bliss,the premature baby charity. This is a charity very close to Holly's heart and she thinks they do some truly tremendous work.

    She would like to say a big thanks to Andy and Julia for her invite and everyone at Mother and Baby magazine for treating her so well and gifting her such nice things.

    Please support Bliss, they help families with premature babies so much.

  • Sent To Coventry

    Those who have somehow missed it in the last week, our Holly is set to help with casting on a new gritty TOWIE style show called Sent To Coventry.

    Set in Coventry, it wil take on the likes of Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex.

    The Twitter account crashed this week after so mny people tried to post to it at once. 

    Please follow @senttocov for more info.

  • Mama Jeanius

    Holly has also been luck enough to be gifted some gorgeous maternity jeans by Mama Jeanius.

    Holly's pet hate is ill fitting jeans and being so petite in normal life she often struggles to get the right fit. During pregnancy this is even harder as although she is still a size 6-8 Uk sizing, her bump is now too big to fit into her normal jeans.

    Step in Mama Jeanius with their fabulous designs.

    Hollys favourite are her black skinny fit, black, mama love jeans that have a band that goes over her belly and hugs the bump but is still skinny enough on her legs to fit correctly.

    Holly will be tweeting and Facebooking some pics of her wearing her new fav jeans this week. @hollymatthews

  • Mama Baby bliss

    Holly has had the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful company Mama Baby Bliss who have gifted her the most lovely products to help see her through her pregnancy.

    She especially loves the tummy love massage oil and said the smell of the Bliss stick is helping her with her morning sickness.

    Please check out and see their products and classes. For mummys to be they make life just that little bit more relaxing and special.

    Keep checking in for updates on Holly's scheduled photoshoot with them.

    @mamababybliss to Tweet them.

  • This month

    Holly has been busy helping out with charities in the last few months, especially the wonderful Bliss and their push to support premature babies and their families. Check out this article on Holly and her daughter Brooke.

    Holly was interviewed on Coventry radios local Hillz FM station to help out for their Children in Need 24 hour charity show.

    Holly's acting class in coventry @popbangpow_cov will be doing their first showcase this week and she is very excited to see their hard work.

  • Hillbilly photoshoot

    Holly did an amazing pregnancy photoshoot this week with photographers kayleigh Pope and Andy Baines. 

  • Holly's on the radio!

    This week Holly was interviewed on BBC Cov and Warwickshire. She had a lovely chat to Malcolm Boyden on Saturday morning about accents, her upcoming projects and her Coventry adults acting class Pop Bang Pow.

    For those interested in joining her class, please email or tweet Holly @hollymatthews

    You can still listen to the interview on Iplayer


  • Way to go BBC3

    Holly has just finished filming a new comedy series for the BBC called Way to go. Holly plays an Essex bird and says it was a really fun and silly part to play.

    The series is to air on BBC3 and the lead is Blake Harrison of The Inbetweeners, with many famous cameo roles too.

    Holly would like to say a huge thank you to catherine, Jon and Justin for casting her.



  • Thanks to Simon Ellis and the team

    Holly finished filming on exciting new short film 'Stew and Punch' this week and would like to say a huge thanks to cast and crew. She tell us its a very ambitous film and the cast and rew did amazingly well to pull it together in the time they had. Simon is a fantastic director and definitley a friend of the actor.

    Watch out for updates on this film.

  • Bliss

    Holly will be a doing a press launch next week to support Bliss, a charity for premature babies.

    Holly's own baby was born too early, after she suffered from pre-eclampsia and she herself was born at a tiny 3llb.

    She will be doing the press launch at Walsgrave hospital, special care unit and is very excited to go back and see the heroes that looked after her little girl.

    It is a charity very close to Holly's heart and she is honoured to support them.


  • Stew and punch

    Holly is pleased to announce she starts filming on a new short film this month with acclaimed director of Soft and dogging, simon ellis. She will be playing the role of Chloe in an ambitious short filmed in Nottingham.


  • Casualty

    So the time has come to see Holly on our TV's again!!

    Tune in to see Holly play Taylor Jones in Casualty on Saturday the 25th August 2012, BBC1.

    Holly tells us its an emotional episode and one that struck a chord being a Mum.

    Please tweet Holly during the show and let her know what you think.



  • Holly's acting classes

    Holly's new acting classes 'Pop Bang Pow' will start in Coventry soon.

    They start on the 29th August and will focus on acting for TV and film. Members will be taught to pull back their performances and understand the industry.

    It will also be a fantastic confidence builder for those that just want to try something new and meet new people.

    Holly tells us she has had a fantastic response to the classes and is currently full to the rafters. She is now looking to possibly do a second class to cater to the need.

    Keep updated on the class via Twitter @popbangpow_cov or Holly's personal account @hollymatthews

  • Female Flare interview


    Check out a lovely interview Holly did with Female Flare magazine, an online magazine that set out to promote female talent. Its an insightful interview with photographs by Kayleigh Pope.


  • Twenty8k premier

    Holly is off to the Twenty8k premier in East London this week, a film starring Parminda Nagra, Jonas Armstrong, Michael Socha, Kaya Scodelario and more well known faces. Although Holly isnt appearing in this one she cant wait to see how it has turned out after hearing amazing things.

    Check Twitter for photos of the event.

  • The Summer is coming!

    Holly has had a lovely month of meetings and shoots. She is in talks about a few projects and has been meeting some extremely interesting people. she as also been working on her business shooting her fellow actors. remember to follow @theheadshotdoc for any offers.

    Holly will be sending out autographs in the next week.

  • Byker Grove Reunion

    Along with tons of other old skool Byker grovers, Holly attended a Byker grove reunion do on a boat in Newcastle this week.

    There were tons of familiar faces on board the boat including Ant & Dec, Donna Air and Andrew hayden Smith . The night was organised by the shows first producer Matthew Robinson and according to Holly was an amazing success.

    Catch some photos from the night via Holly's Twitter @hollymatthews

  • Casualty and castings

    Holly has been filming some pretty tough stuff on Casualty although she wont tell us exactly what! Top secret BBC stuff! We have been following her Twitter feeds with her hashtag #casualtytweets and all sounds exciting.

    Holly has also been to Manchester this week to audition with the wonderful Beverley Keogh and her team. She said her casting was so much fun and she ran into some lovely girls (who you may have seen on our TV screens) and got to act out being a lesbian who ran a swinging agency-all in a days work!

    Holly would like to thank Martyn Cain, Jennifer and her sister Katy and Lee for her lovely fan letters and promises letters will be sent out soon.


  • Photoshoot

    Holly did an excellent photoshoot this week with photographer Kayleigh Pope and Make-up artist Amy @amylouisebeauty

    Shots to be put out on Facebook and Twitter in the next few weeks.

    Holly starts filming Casualty this week and is looking forward to working with her very young co-star!

  • Filming begins!

    Holly is soon to start filming on BBC's Casualty playing the role of Taylor. She will be down in Cardiff at the end of the month and can't wait to meet the rest of the cast.

    Holly has been seen for some other meaty dramas too and would like to say a big thanks to Toby Whale, Anna Cooper and Nick Renton for her meeting this week.

    Holly would like to let people know that fan replies will be done at the month, and sends lots of love to John, David, Chrisie, Tony and Lisa.

    @hollymatthews on twitter

  • 2012 is looking bright for Holly!

    Holly has just done a really interesting interview on its a great interview and a wonderful insight into being an actress and a Mum. Go and have a read, then leave your comments.

    You can also go to to watch the trailer for Hollys new film That Day, directed by Danny Lacey. It looks scary! eeek! Very interesting! 

    Holly is soon to start filming on Casualty for the BBC and cant wait!

    Remember you can stay in touch via twitter @hollymatthews 

  • Trueman and Riley

    Be sure to tune into BBC radio 4 extra this Friday to hear our holly playing a 14 year old in the amazing trueman and Riley.


  • Congratulations to Holly!

    Big congratualtions to holly who has just been cast in the BBC's prime time saturday night drama, casualty! Holly will be playing Taylor who is part of a very serious storyline later in the year. Exciting stuff!

    Holly is very excted to be back on the BBC and would like to thank casting director Ben Cogan and director Nigel douglas for casting her.


  • That Day film

    Holly starts shooting her new short film That Day tomorrow, in Leeds. The film has a fantastic cast and crew and will be directed by Danny Lacey.

    Holly will be updating via her twitter @hollymatthews with pics and behind the scenes news! for more info check out this website

  • Connor Whipp appeal

    Holly is currently supporting a friends campaign to help save her nephew and put out this statement on facebook.

    'I know everyones always asking to donate money etc and Ive asked before but my sisters mates nephew has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and he's only 4. 

    His family are doing all they can to raise 250,000 to get him to America for treatment and I want to do my bit to help. 

    I know I have awesome friends and if any of you can donate a quid it would be amazing. Usually we are giving after the event, but little Connor is still alive, lets do our best team!

    Dig deep!'


    So lets all help Holly and little Connor and do what we can... ConnorWhippAppeal

  • Holly to star in BBC radio drama

    Holly has just been cast in the very popular Trueman & Riley on BBC 4 extra, where she will play 14 year old Becki.

    Holly is looking forward to recording the show this month.

  • Hindu Cow

    Holly will be doing an interview in next month with amazing online magazine The Hindu Cow, you can check it out on 

  • A great start to 2012!

    So Holly has kicked off this year with all kinds of exciting things planned. starting off with a photoshoot for in conjunction with OK magazine. Hollys shoot is to tie in with an article she has written on getting fit as a busy working Mum. 

    Holly is happy for other Mums to contiue to get in touch and let her know how her tips have been helping them to get rid of their baby weight.


  • Happy New Year!

    Hey all, a huge (belated) Happy New Year from the Holly Matthews team! Holly decided not to do panto this year and to enjoy her first christmas as a new Mum. She had a fantastic Christmas with family in Newcastle and is now ready to tackle 2012!

    Holly had some incredible meetings at the end of last year and is extremely excited to make those into new projects this year.

    Holly continues to write for Famouslyfit and has recently started her own business

    The Headshot Doctor provide actors with quality headshots, while having the added luxury of Holly coaching them before, during and after the shoot (which for many actors is one of the hardest parts of their job!) Check out the link to the new site and get in touch if you are looking for new shots for 2012.

    Lets get Holly back on our screens in 2012!

    She would also like to thank her fans for the lovely Christmas cards and presents. 



  • The better Breakfast Challenge

    This Friday (18th November) Holly will be attending Cardiff High School to take PE classes alongside Lee Latchford Evans (steps) and Alex Reid (Big Brother)

     She is taking part in the Better Breakfast Challenge, which encourages children to eat breakfast before they attend school, so they have lots of energy for their school day! This is something very important to Holly and she hopes it will be a successful day.

    Holly will be tweeting about the event tomorrow, so make sure you are following! @hollymatthews

    Last week Holly attened a very exciting casting for Mo Ali, director of Shank's new film Freshers. Holly tells us it was a very fun audition and she met lots of talented actors. Fingers crossed we get to see her back on our screens again soon



  • New showreel online!

    Holly is working on some fantastic things at the moment and her new showreel is now online! Please click the watch me section of this website or click the link below to watch it on youtube. Please let Holly know what you think via her Twitter page @hollymatthews

    She would also like to say a huge thank you to her fans for their lovely birthday cards and messages!

    Big mentions to Hayden, Cara-lee, Mark Sephton, Judy, Salim, Katie McAdams and Sarah Donaldson!

  • Good Health Show

    Holly attended the Good Health Show this weekend with the Ok Famously Fit team and would like to say a huge congrats to Lee and the rest of Steps for being top of the UK download charts! Bring on the 90's revival!

    Remember you can follow Holly on Twitter @hollymatthews

  • Sorry everyone!

    Holly would like to say a huge sorry to everyone involved in Strawberry Lemonade, although she has apologised to everyone individually too.

    This weekend Holly had to leave the the photoshoot for the film after being struck with a severe vomiting bug and was unable to complete the film.

    Holly would like to thank Garry for his understanding and kindness.

    Holly is now back to full strength and look forward to working with everyone involved in the future.


  • Strawberry lemonade

    This month Holly will start filming on an exciting short film called Strawberry Lemonade, directed by Garry Moore. Holly is playing Nikki, one of  the lead roles and is very excited for you all to see the finished product.


    Keep an eye out for Holly in this Sundays OK extra, the magazine that accompanies The Daily Star on Sunday.

    Holly would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for her support during The Great North Run, your messages have been a massive support to her and Meningitis UK.

    Remember you can get in touch with Holly using her Twitter account @hollymatthews

  • Its here!

    So the Great North Run is upon us this Sunday and Holly has been madly doing the rounds of interviews and publicity to promote Meningitis UK and her run.

    She will appear in The Sunday Mercury this Sunday, be interview for Mercia Radio, and be doing interviews when she gets up to Newcastle this weekend.

    We will also get to see Holly & her baby Brooke on Daybreak ITV this Monday promoting Meningitis awareness week in support of Meningitis UK.

    Holly would like to thank everyone for their continued support and donations. There is still plenty time to donate!



  • On the run!

    This month has been hugely busy for Holly, she has had some very exciting meetings with some top directors and looks forward to hopefully revealing some to news to us soon!

    She has also done an interview for The Sunday Mail, which she will appear in with her daughter on Sunday the 4th September.

    Holly has also done a shoot for Flirt magazine which she will appear in soon.

    She continues to train for the Great North run and would like to say a huge thanks to those who have donated so far! Keep those dontaions coming in for Meningtis uk at



  • Pick Me up Magazine

    Holly has been doing the rounds of interviews again to help promote her Great North Run and raise awareness of Meningitis Uk.

    You can see Holly and her daughter Brooke in womens monthly Pick me up magazine from the 11th August.

    Those that are Coventry based can catch Holly in their local papers the Coventry Telegraph and Coventry Observer.

    Please tweet Holly and let her know what you think!


  • Kayleigh Pope

    Holly just did a series of photoshoots with the fantastic Kayleigh Pope. Kayleigh is a Coventry based photographer who having established herself as a successful wedding photographer and  is now branching out into fashion and actors headshots.

    Holly said Kayleigh made her feel relaxed and comfortable infront of the camera and they will be working together on some exciting shoots in the coming months.

    Go and check out Kayleighs website and get in touch with her.


  • Its all go, go, go!

    Hey all, sorry for the slow updates at the moment, but we have been so busy at Holly Matthews headquarters and havent had time!

    Holly has once again signed up tot do The Great North run. This year she will be running for Meningitis UK. As you know Holly's baby daughter Brooke was struck with this awful disease a month ago and survived. Bizarrely enough though, Holly herself has also had the disease before and survived, so she really wants to give something back.

    Meningitis UK are commited to finding a vaccine to help stop this disease and raise awareness of the symptoms. Go onto their website to find out how you can raise money and read people's stories.

    Holly is now commited to raising as much money as she can, so get digging deep and sponsor her via her just giving page 

    You can also read Holly and Brooke's story in womens weekly magazine Pick Me up, very soon.

    To read about Holly's Training for the run, check into, who are also supporting Meningitis UK and Holly's quest to raise some money.


  • New shorts and new shots!

    Holly is pleased to announce she will be apprearing in 2 new short films, so far this year and cant wait to start shooting. Keep an eye out to see where you will be able to see these in the next few months.

    Holly is also looking to get some new headshots done and has decided to work with as many new photographers as possible to get lots of different styles, to play with.

    So photographers, get in touch with Holly via her email or her Twitter page @hollymatthews 


  • Thank you!

    So Holly has been back on the meeting trail, having castings with the lovely Faye styring in Leeds, and Julia Crampsie and Stephen Moore at the BBC. She also met the Stratford based director Ian Barber whom she hopes to work with in the future.

    Around these meetings Holly has been dealing with her daughter having contracted meningitis and having to spend some time in Walsgrave University hospital in Coventry.

    Holly and her partner Ross would like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Walsgrave for their amazing work in getting their little girl back to herself.She says they truly are fantastic people who arent appreciated enough.

    Holly urges people to be vigilant against meningitis and remember what they should be looking out for.


  • April Fool!

    As always Holly has been very busy with castings and meetings this month. She has met some exciting and influential people and would like to say a particular thank you to Ben Cogan, Derek Barnes and Oliver who she looks forward to meeting again soon.

    Holly also popped down to the set of The Knot Movie this week. This is a action packed romantic comedy, starring Noel Clarke, Mena Suvari and Jason Maza. Holly popped down to say hello and meet the producer Enrico Tessarin and said the set looked fantastic and she thinks the film is going to be a huge success.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the release date of The Knot Movie and follow them on Twitter @theknotmovie

  • Famously fit articles

    Please check out Holly's articles on where she talks about pregnancy and onwards.


    Holly would also like to thanks everyone for the cards, gifts and congrats she has recieved and let everyone know that Brooke and her and doing great and she is loving being a mum.

  • It's a girl!

    Announcing the arrival of Brooke Blair!

    Holly was induced at 35 weeks after developing pre-ecalmpsia and her little girl, Brooke was born at 13.40 on Tuesday 15th March, weighing a teeny, tiny 4llb 4oz.

    Brooke is still being cared for by the fantastic staff at the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, in the Special Care unit, but will hopefully be going home soon.

    Holly would like to thankthe staff who dealt with her at Walsgrave as she says they have been amazing! Walsgrave is a clean, friendly and fantastic hospital and she cannot thank them enough for getting her and her baby daughter better.

    We would like to send a big congratulations from to Holly and her new family and we look forward to reading about the pregnancy and birth on

  • March Madness!

    This week Holly has been doing some more fun filled pregnancy shoots, one with the lovely Kelly O'brien a 3rd year Birmingham uni student, with lots of promise and bags of talent.

    The second shoot was with Michael Palmer, a Southampton based photographer who Holly has wanted to shoot with for sometime and who's work doesnt dissapoint. Have a look at some of his previous work on his personal website

    Holly has been hugely impressed by both photographers works and will post some of their work soon.

  • Holly's new pregnancy series!

    Holly is soon to be writing a pregnancy series to be featured on exciting online fitness magazine where she will be giving out tips that she has picked up on fitness during pregnancy.

    Holly would love to hear from other pregnant women on how they have kept fit during their pregnancy or if they did at all.

    Please email Holly at with your thoughts on fitness during and after pregnancy.


  • New Fansite!

    Hi all, a fansite has been set up for Holly and she has declared it the official fansite, a place where her fans can catch up on what she is doing and a space to leave messages.


    For those that have sent fan letters in the last few weeks, Holly is sending out autographs next week, so check your post!

    Holly is starting some exciting new projects in the next few weeks so keep checking in and we will update you when we can.


  • Pregnancy Shoots

    This last week Holly has been doing some exciting pregnancy shoots with up and coming photographer Amanda Turner who's work you can view on her website and blog.

    Holly said Amanda was a joy to shoot with and the photos are beautiful.

    Holly has also had some interesting meetings about some possible short films she will be getting involved with later in the year, so look out for updates on this.


  • BBC I-Player

    For those that missed Holly's episode of Casualty this weekend, click on the link to BBC I-player and enjoy it as many times as you want!

    We think Holly looked great and should be the next regular face on Casualty!

    Well done Holly!


  • Holly's on TV!

    Its our favourite time again, Holly will be on our TV screens this week playing the sexy Candy Carter in the BBC's prime time hospital drama, Casualty on BBC 1.

    Make sure you all tune in this Saturday night at around 8pm and show your support!

    You can let her know what you think via her personal email, Twitter, or Facebook page and she will do her best to get back to everyone by next week!


    Saturday 19th Febuary

    Casualty- 'Till Death do us part'

    BBC 1


  • Holly fans questionaire

    As promised here is a list of questions Holly has had sent in via email/Facebook/Twitter in the last few months and a few more thrown in for good measure!

    We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!


    What was the first CD you ever bought?-Gemma D, Wolverhampton

    The first actually CD I bought myself was Michael Jacksons' Heal the World', so cheesy but I loved it! I had a tape of Madonnas True Blue Album that I stole off my Mam before that though.

    What made you want to become and actress? Jodie, Leicester

    I have always loved performing and acting out stories but I think iits my love of people that keeps my enjoyment of it alive. I love getting inside peoples minds and living as them when I play a character. Understanding how other peoples minds work and walking in their shoes. I love seeing a project come together, whether that be a film/TV programme or a theatre piece. I love what I do.


    What car do you drive? Becky Simpson, Whitby

    Well I only recently passed my test but I now drive a 1.9 TDI Golf. Good, reliable car (Im told haha) or my boyfriends Mini cooper.

    Favourite saying?-Carley Wilson, Manchester

    Oh I love sayings, probably ' Keep doing what you've always done and you'll keep getting what you've always got!', so true!

    What films did you watch as a kid?- Stacey Cairns, Scotland

    I loved my musicals when I was a kid, so Grease, The Sound of Music, Dirty dancing were the top choices and were on loop! I still know all the words to those films! Home Alond was a favourite too. I got burgled recently and all I could think about while I was being interviewed by the police was "this is my house, I have to defend it!"

    Who is your favourite actor?- Steven Taylor, Newcastle Upon Tyne

    oooh it changes and I cant pick one, but some of my favourites are Robert Carlisle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Hillary Swank, Ray Winston, Denzel, Julie Walters, oh god theres loads! Then there are loads of up and coming English actors that I love watching. Im a big supporter of our home grown talent. We are all in this together and if we support eachother I think we can build this industry into something amazing! British film kills it for me!

    What is your favourite film of all time? Thomas W, London

    Too many to say but heres a taster of a few current favs off the top of my head...

    American History X, Dead mans Shoes (I love Shane Meadows work, LOVE IT!), Whats eating Gilbert Grape?,12 Angry Men, Precious, The Truman show (So clever and underated as an idea), The Football Factory, Nil by Mouth, Closer, I could go on and on! I love good film. I love gritty English films especially or films with great, honest dialogue.


    Whats your favourite food?-Katy Douglas, Cheshire

    Sunday roast, paella, a nice fresh salad and a curry-Not altogether though.


    Whats your favourite thing to watch on TV?

    I Sky+ a lot as im always busy but there has been some lovely TV on recently. The new series of Silent Witness has been excellent, really filmic Anthony Bryne, Dudi Appleton and the other directors on it did and amazing job! There was also a drama called Kidnap and Ransom on ITV which was gripping, directed by Andy Wilson, stylish work!

    My throw away favourites are Criminal minds, Modern Family and Supernanny. Oh and I love question Time and documentaries.


    Who is your most irritating celebrity?- Donna Cunningham, Herts

    There are a lot. I hate people being famous without any talent, it drives me mad! The most irritating could be Jordan.. how cliched of me. I just hate how everyone keeps saying she is this great business woman and a role model!!No she isnt!!

    Do you go to the theatre?- James Gillingham, Dudley

    Of course, I love to go to the theatre. I prefer straight theatre overall, stuff that I could imagine going onto film. I go to the Stratford East Theatre a lot and love the Royal Court. I would like to do work in theatre more in the next few years, so like to try and see as much as I can. I will be going to see The Graft and the Stratford East in the next month and can't wait!

    What or who inspires you? jojo, bucks

    Im inspired all the time by people, I like strong characters who dont care what people think. Gordon Ramsay types. I like Mary Portas at the minute too, people who arent afraid to speak their minds and be different, go against the grain a bit.

    Now a few that we at thought up, not quite as deep!...

    Salt or pepper?- Pepper

    Black or white?- Both, Toon army!

    Tea or coffee?- Tea (Black, no milk, no sugar,leave the tea bag in!)

    Dogs or Cats?-Dogs, love them!!

    Does anyone say you look like anyone famous?- My boyfriend says I look like Robbie Williams haha, who is a  very good looking man!

    Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?- Hands for feet, easy!

    Iphone or Blackberry?- It was Blackbeery but Im a traitor and I love the I phone now...Im sorry Blackberry!

    Sweet or Savoury?- Savoury overall

    Do you go to the gym?- Yes-Boring question!

    Favourite household job?- Hoovering, its very satisfying haha

    Top song playing on your Ipod?- Right now its Alanis Morrisettes Jagged Little Pill Album.

    Newcastle United or Sunderland?- Your winding me up now! Did you not hear me say Toon army before!

    Ok on that note we will leave it there and bid Holly farewell.We hope you got an insight into her world and any other questions feel free to put them to her via her Twitter @hollymatthews or facebook.


    Thanks Holly!


  • Reccomended life coach!

    Hi Holly fans! Holly has being seeing a brilliant life coach in the last year, who she can highly reccomend especially if you are north east based (although this lady does travel and do phone sessions)

    So if you need someone to revamp your life and help you to kick start the year please contact Clare Wilkinson at Bread and Butter Life Coaching and see how she can help. She also works with companies and long term unemployed.

    Holly thinks she is awesome so check out her site!

  • Congratulations Holly!

    Holly would like to say she is pleased to announce her pregnancy and thanks those that have known for their congratulations.

    Holly is due on the 15th of April and will then be itching to get back to acting.

    Holly has joined pregnancy agency Pregnant Pause, during this last trimester and had her first casting with them yesterday. She was lucky enough to meet the lovely Sasha Robertson for a Nivea campaign yesterday afternoon.

    If anyone would like to speak to Holly about any pregnancy modelling  please contact Sandy Easby on 07970698868

    We at would like to wish her lots of luck with the last stretch and will keep you updated with her progress!



  • Preparing for a good year!

    As always Holly is having lots of exciting meetings with people in preparation for things to come this year and wants to make this year an eventful one!

    To those waiting on signed photos, they have been sent out this week, she would particularly like to thank Lila, who sent her a lovely portrait she had drawn of Holly and attached a lovely letter!

    Holly is currently collating a list of questions that she has been asked in letters and emails in the last few months and has decided to put all the answers on here in a question and answer session, so keep an eye out for that coming soon!

    Keeping checking in with her Twitter and Facebook pages which she updates regularly!

  • Happy New year!

    Happy New year from everyone at the Holly Matthews camp. Holly has had an amazing 2010 and worked with some brilliant actors, directors and producers. 

    She is lucky enough to have made some great contacts, that she hopes to work with in 2011. There is a lot going on in the British film and TV industry and Holly is itching to get involved in some exciting new projects over the next 12 months.

    She has a few days of her panto left and for those going to see it, she hopes you enjoy what has been an excellent show to be part of.

    Thanks again for supporting Holly in 2010 and you will be sure to see her on your screens again soon!



  • Merry Christmas!

    Holly would like to wish all her supporters a very big Marry Christmas and wish you all lots of success in 2011!

    The panto audiences she has had so far have been amazing and she has been overwhelmed with the messages, tweets, emails, and letters from people who enjoyed it.

    Lets make 2011 a good year!

  • The Stage review of Aladdin

    Last Friday during a very fun performance, The Stage newspaper were sitting in the audience to review the show and they weren't disappointed!

    They gave the show and Holly a glowing review and Holly hopes it will tempt even more people to come and see her show.

    Have a gander at the review on this link:

  • Shaken and slurred

    For those based in Coventry Holly can be seen this Christmas in your cinemas in an advert to combat excessive drinking. She is also on the front cover of Citivision this month. For those further afield please check out the 'watch me' section of this site where you can view the advert in full.;jsessionid=bta5zIuIswM-?asset_id=36866033


  • Opening night!

    Tonight is the first night of Holly's panto Aladdin at the Harlow Playhouse, lets all wish her a huge 'break a leg' and for those that are going to see it Holly hopes you enjoy it as its a great show and make sure to shout and scream!


    Holly would also like to say for those who attended the premier of her film The Dinner Party, she is sorry she couldn't be there but she was busying away at rehearsals for Aladdin. She has had some lovely feedback from the film though and hopes you all enjoyed it!



  • It begins...

    Holly started her panto rehearsals this week and things seem to be going well so far. She tells me she is enjoying being back in Essex and working with some of her friends from last years panto.

    Start getting your tickets for Aladdin booked soon up as the tickets are selling fast and Holly would love to see as many of you there as possible!

    Thanks you to Donald and Lee for their lovely letters,Holly received them today and will reply to you as soon as possible!

  • Be safe, not sorry!

    Hi all Holly Matthews followers!

    Holly would like to sincerely apologise for not being able to attend the Christmas lights switch on at Harlow on Sunday.

    Holly's house was burgled on Saturday night and she had to deal with the aftermath of this awful event.

    Holly would like to tell everyone to think about their homes security this Christmas and make sure they have insurance if the worst happens.

    There will be plenty of time to meet Holly at other events throughout Christmas though and lets all all send Holly our kind thoughts after such a horrible situation.



  • Christmas lights switch on!

    Holly will be in Harlow this Sunday to switch on the Christmas lights, where the cast will also give the crowds a sneak preview of what this years panto has to offer.

    So wrap up warm, and bring your friends down to Market Sq, Harlow, at 5pm on Sunday and get ready for Christmas!

  • Good bye to The Mitre...

    Although Holly would firstly like to say she disagrees with everything The Daily Mail stands for and hates this article, have a read for yourself and see Holly pictured during her pop days.

    Holly would also like to take this time to say Byker Grove was a brilliant show to be part of and the TV world could really do with a show like this now. It covered some brilliant stories and pushed boundaries of its time.

    Well done to everyone involved in the show and it is sad to see The Mitre not being used to help North East media.

    Bye Bye Byker G!


  • The only way is Essex

    So Holly has finished her filming on the acclaimed BBC hospital drama, Casualty and is really looking forward to seeing the outcome. Her stay in Bristol was short and sweet but she loves the city and looks forward to coming back again soon.

    Holly is now starting to prepare for her role as Jasmine in The Harlow Playhouse's pantomime, Aladdin. She is currently busying away on her script and getting ready for Christmas in Essex.

    If you would like to see Holly in panto this year, please get booking your tickets now to see a magical performance of Aladdin.





  • Toon Army!

    Holly is currently filming her episode of Casualty with the lovely director Jon Sen and enjoying every minute. The cast and crew of Casualty have made her feel extremely welcome as have the staff at the Marriott Bristol.

    Holly filmed a brilliant advert for Coventry City Council last weekend with the excellent directing duo Matt and Vince

    Holly is playing a Russian Bond type girl and had a great time on the set with the lovely Jay Sutherland. Look out for this advert on the big screen at Coventry Odeon this Christmas.

    Holly would also like to congratulate her football team on an amazing result at the weekend against Sunderland! Well done lads!

  • Lets get involved!

    Holly would firstly like to lend her support once again to the British Heart Foundation who have a brilliant event coming up in her home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

    This is called the Newcastle Stampede 2010 and will take place on Sunday the 21st November 2010.

    Set within the stunning grounds and challenging terrain of Newcastle Racecourse, the course promises to be different from any adventure run you have entered before! 

    If running 10k across natural rugged terrain is not challenging enough for you, unique and varied obstacles which have been designed by the Royal Marines, will be in place to push the limits of all abilities and fitness levels. Take on obstacles such as the Pond Plunge, Subterranean Sewer and Cargo Net Valley before making your way through the Gosforth Grunge, climbing up the Gauntlet and over the Hay Bale Hair Raiser before getting a dunking at the Sheep Dip!

    This fully inclusive event is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 and for all fitness levels 

    Please check out the website link below to register, its for a brilliant cause and will be lots of fun!


  • Casualty

    Holly is set to start filming the role of Candy Carter on the BBC's hit hospital drama, Casualty in the next month.

    Candy will be different to the roles she has played before and Holly is excited to get started.

    We will update you with the date it airs nearer the time.

    Big congrats to Holly!

  • Always on the move!

    As usual Holly has been very busy in the last few weeks, having some exciting meetings and castings.

    She had the privilege to meet with the team at Revolver films last week, brilliant casting director Jane Ripley and fantastic director Nirpal Bhogal, who made it a really fun meeting.(Check out Nirpal's short film Cold Kiss on the film shank's DVD extras, its hard hitting!)

    She was also lucky enough to get the chance to meet one of the BBC's top casting directors Ben Cogan and excellent director Jon Sen this week, who she looks forward to meeting with again in the future.

    Holly will be shooting a James Bond comedy skit for Midlands film maker Matthew Cooke this weekend where she will be playing a Russian Bond girl.

    Holly would again like to take the time to thank all her fans who send her the most lovely letters and pictures.

    Anyone who would like a signed autograph from Holly, please send a SAE to her agent at BWH (details on contacts page) and she will reply as quickly as possible to them all.



  • Driving success!

    Holly is pleased to announce that after a lifetime of buses and trains she has passed her driving test!

     Its her second attempt after failing at 18 (she admits  she probably shouldn't have been put in for it the first time round) and she is thrilled!

    She would also like to say a big thanks to Karla and Steven for their lovely letters and let them know that signed autographs are heading their way in the nest few days!

  • Running, meetings, Zombies and football

    On Sunday the 19th September Holly completed the Great North Run for her chosen charity the British Heart Foundation and has so far managed to raise just over £700, but for those still wishing to donate, her just giving page will be still taking donations for the next few weeks, so please go to

    Thanks to all those who sent their messages of support and came out on the day to cheer her on, it really made those miles go quicker, its just a shame it couldn't stop the rain!

    Holly has been having some exciting meeting in the last few weeks with some extremely talented directors and film makers and will hopefully announcing her next projects soon.

    Please check out a film by the Indywood Project which will go into production in 2011. This is a zombie film Holly is going to be involved in and she is fully behind this exciting film project. To support the film and buy producer rights to it, please go to

    Holly would also like to put out a very special thanks to two very special fans of hers who have set up their own Facebook groups to support her. You are both brilliant, AJ Jarvis and Charlene Harrison Your support is extremely important to Holly and she thinks you are both so sweet!

    Lastly Holly went to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry last night to see their performance of We love you City which she thought was excellent, great cast and great idea, if your a footie fan (particularly Coventry City) get down to see it while its still on!

  • A busy month!

    Holly's has been crazy busy in the last month working on her film The Dinner Party directed by Si Wall and has worked with a fantastic cast and crew. This is an improvised film which will be finished by the end of 2010, so look out for updates on this as its going to look amazing!

    Holly has had some brilliant interviews for The Coventry Telegraph, Evening Chronicle (story to run this Saturday 11th),, The Earlsdon Echo and Fit stars for her Great North run challenge. She will be running as a celebrity runner on the 19th of September for The British Heart Foundation, so if your around come and cheer her on!

    Holly has also been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people in the last month, a photographer Brian Fawcus who took her new headshots and is available for actors in the Midlands at great rates and Amy De Bhrun who worked on her voicereel and made it a very fun, easy process.

    Lastly for those in the Harlow area of Essex please pop down to the Playhouse this Sunday 12th for a fun open day where Holly will be singing as Jasmine in Aladdin and signing autographs.

    Please keep sponsoring Holly in the run up to her run at

  • Bupa Great North Run

    Holly has started her training for the Bupa Great North Run, which she will be running on behalf of the British Heart Foundation in September this year. Holly decided to support the wonderful work they do after her Grandad, David Parr died of a heart attack last year and she learned first hand of all the great stuff they do.

    Holly has set up an online fundraising page so all her family, friends and fans can support her and help to raise as much money as possible!

    To sponsor Holly just go to

    Holly has also agreed to work on an exciting new film project called The Dinner Party directed by Si Wall and Sew n Sew films.

    check out for more information about this film.

  • Holly announces Q&A session

    Holly is pleased to announce she will be doing a Q&A session at, The Cinema (1st Floor), The David Puttnam Media Centre, University of Sunderland (St. Peter’s campus), St. Peter’s Way, Sunderland, SR6 0DD

    This event will take place on the 27th of July 2010 and alongside Holly will be the critically acclaimed actress Pooja Shah, star of Bend it like Beckham /Eastenders, local actor/presenter Andrew Hayden Smith, star of Byker Grove/Doctor Who and the legendary Lyndyann Power, who played audience's favourite 'Spuggy' in Byker Grove.

    This will be a chance for aspiring actors to chat to working actors and learn from their experience, it will also be a chance to ask any questions you have always wanted to know about your favourite TV shows, to meet the actors and get autographs.

    It is also the 21st aniversary of Byker Grove this year and to celebrate there will be a host of other ex-Byker Grovers there to make the event even more interesting.

    This is going to be a really exciting event, with local press and media attending in force, book your tickets today and come and say hello to Holly!

  • Holly Meets Labour leader Candidate David Milliband

    Holly was lucky enough to have a nice chat with the Labour leader candidate David Milliband this week, who she said spoke extremely well and had a great sense of humour.

    She has also just agreed to appear in a fantastic new music video for The Soviet's 2nd single Breaking Bread, which will be released in July 2010. They are a Liverpool based band and are ones to look out for this year!

    Check out their website to see what they have coming up!

    Holly would like to thank you all for supporting her short film series 'Almost but not quite' and remind you that you can still watch the films anytime you want on

  • New Pilot Series

    New pilot series 'Almost but not quite' website is up and running so check out

    The first episode will be shown on there on the 24th May 2010 starring Holly as the young Ashley Andrews in 4 of the 5 episodes.

    Click on the website and add the facebook and twitter pages for the series. Each character also has their own page where they will give out little teasers to each show, so add Ashley Andrews and see what Holly's character gets up to!

    This is going to be a brilliant series and if people get behind it then it will get the backing to make another series. Feel free to email Holly with your feedback.

    Also Autographs are being posted out this week so those that have waited so patiently, you will be the first to get a brand new signed photo of Holly as thanks for your support!

  • Filming and Modelling

    This week Holly has been extremely busy filming the pilot web series 'Almost but not quite' which will be screened online starting May the 11th 2010. Directors Suzette Styler and Beki Wilkinson made this a very easy process and the script was a joy to receive.Details of the website, where it will be airing will follow.

    Holly would like to thank everyone involved in the short film 'Small hours' which she filmed last Sunday particularly Harriet Glynn and Adam Bachelor. who have created an exciting new short.

    Holly also spent last week doing a modelling shoot for designer Vicky Fright who's clothes are gorgeous and totally quirky,this was a great shoot, with very professional people.

    Lastly Thank you to Peter Watkins, who Holly did a lovely photoshoot with recently and please visit his exhibition 'Happiness' at the Light House The Chubb Buildings, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HT Wednesday the 5th to Friday 28th May to see some of his work.

    She has also had some very interesting meetings about upcoming projects and as soon as these are finalised we will hear all about them!

  • Si Walls

    Drinking Chocolate

    Holly is pleased to announce she has agreed to play the lead role in an exciting new film project. Holly will play the role of Lola in director Si Walls debut feature film Drinking Chocolate, which will start filming in April 2010.

    She is also looking forward to playing Teri in a short film called 'Small hours' by two inventive up and coming directors.

  • BBC radio

    Holly was recently interviewed for the 'The Sunday Supplement' on BBC radio, by the lovely Paul Harris and Paul James for last Sundays show and had a great discussion about acting and 'the business'. She said 'the pauls' were great blokes and thanks everyone for the lovely response to the show.

    Please also check out her new photos, which were taken by the fabulous Jonathan Worth, who has photographed every name in showbusiness. Holly says Jonathan was 'a joy to be photographed by and made her feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot'.

    Please check out his website for his previous work

  • Thank You!

    Holly would like to say a big thank you to all all the cast and crew of Snow White and the seven dwarfs and the Hazlitt Theatre. The audiences were fantastic and it was sold out for the majority of the run! A special thank you to the 15 people who turned up on the night of the blizzard and watched Snow White and the 3 dwarfs with no dancers and hardly any crew, you screamed and shouted as loud as if it were packed out.

    For more panto pictures check out facebook or Twitter.

    2010 looks set to a be a busy year!

  • Holly in Snow White

    Holly will be appearing in the childrens classic Snow White this Christmas, where she will star along side Aaron Sidwell, best known as Steven Beale in EastEnders and Sky1 Gladiator Doom.

    The panto will also feature a host of other top quality entertainers and back by popular demand local funnyman Tom Swift, will take on the role as Muddles. There will also be an amazing live band, fantastic dancers and the craziest seven dwarfs you'll ever see.

    The show is being produced by New World Productions and has already sold out lots of the dates!

    The panto will run from December 5 to January 10, so to see Holly perform, get buying your tickets now!

    For more information call the Hazlitt Arts Centre (Maidstone, Kent, UK) box office on 01622 758611 or log onto

  • BBC drama Criminal Justice 2

    Holly will be appearing in Peter Moffats BAFTA award winning BBC drama Criminal Justice 2, playing Alex Guthrie. Look out for the five-part thriller on BBC One in October 2009.

    BBC Press Release